PhomoUK increase
in sales

Using our Social Media Marketing service PhomoUK managed to accomplish: 

Phomo's problem

Phomo are a new business looking to get new clients to buy their meal kits. They reached out to us to see how they can start to get more customers.

We created a sales funnel to target their ideal clients and used Facebook ads to target them with fun and engaging content. Phomo has a large number of different products, it was important to segment these people in the marketing funnel to only push out the adverts to people would be interested in the product.

How we helped

Creating a solid sales funnel we created a marketing campaign that was predictable, reliable and simple. They managed to get a strong and steady return on investment with their adverts. It was critical to create a sales funnel which is built to last.

Retargeting was a main part of the sales funnel. If you were on their website and looking at a particular product we would make sure that you were remarketed with that exact product you looked as we know that you are interested in it. This helped increase the return on investment massively.