Meet Team OptiModo Marketing

The driving force of getting your ROI

Jack Walker

Managing Director

Hi! I’m Jack Walker, the heartbeat behind Optimodo. If there’s one thing I know after years in the agency world, it’s that real success comes from real relationships—not just transactions.

My philosophy? It’s simple: focus on people, not just profits. I’m all about building honest, transparent relationships and putting in the hard work to see them thrive. And the best part? I do it all with a smile. Life’s too short for anything less.

I’m here to help you grow, share in your success, and maybe share a few laughs along the way. If you’re looking for a partner who values your journey as much as the destination, you’ve found the right guy. Let’s create something amazing together!

Rommel Sta. Ana

Head Of Client Relations

I’m Rommel, your go-to guy for all things customer relations at Optimodo. Just like in basketball, where teamwork and strategy are key, I bring the same passion and dedication to ensuring our clients always feel like MVPs.

I’m a firm believer that business is all about people. Whether it’s setting up the perfect play or addressing your needs, I make sure to keep the ball rolling smoothly and always aim for a slam dunk in customer satisfaction.

Off the court, I’m still all about teamwork and making genuine connections. I’m here to assist you, cheer you on, and ensure your experience with us is nothing short of spectacular. Let’s win big together!

Ahad Ikram

Graphic Designer

I’m all about the magic of transformation in digital design. As a graphic designer at Optimodo, I specialise in turning concepts into high-impact email marketing campaigns and engaging Facebook ads. The thrill for me is in the before and after—the raw idea transformed into a compelling piece that drives results.

With a wealth of experience in digital and print, my true focus is on crafting creatives that not only look fantastic but also perform spectacularly. I’m a data-driven designer, dedicated to tracking and measuring the effectiveness of every campaign. It’s about making sure every pixel not only pops but also pulls its weight in achieving our clients’ goals.

Whether you’re looking to boost engagement or convert leads, I’m here to ensure our digital efforts deliver tangible results. Let’s make your next campaign not just seen, but successful.

Aqil Tariq

Head Of PPC

I’m Aqil, head of PPC at Optimodo. Much like a well-played game of cricket, managing successful PPC campaigns is all about strategy, precision, and a bit of flair. I bring the same enthusiasm and focus from the pitch to our campaigns, ensuring we hit every ball out of the park for our clients.

With a deep-seated love for the outdoors, I thrive on exploration and challenges, traits that I channel into exploring new and innovative ways to boost client ROI through targeted, data-driven PPC strategies. I believe numbers tell powerful stories, and in this digital age, they don’t just tell—they shout.

My approach is simple: understand the data, play by the numbers, and always aim for the best return on investment. Whether you’re looking to increase conversions, enhance engagement, or drive sales, I’m here to ensure that every click counts and every campaign leads to victory.



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